Honoring Creighton Women

This past Thursday, the All-University Committee on the Status of Women hosted the annual Mary Lucretia and Sarah Emily Creighton Award Luncheon in the Harper Center.  (More information about the event can be found here.)

We at the University Archives created a panel for each of the sisters.  Displays on campus usually do not adequately recognize the significant contributions that these two women made in Creighton’s early years.  (For instance, many people do not know that Mary Lucretia was the person who left money to start our school.)  In addition to the information on the panels, we also incorporated augmented reality (AR) components that tell even more about Mary Lucretia and Sarah Emily.  You can access the AR elements by using Zappar, an AR app programmed (thanks to David Buffington) to bring up images and videos about the sisters.  One of our student workers, Emily Newcomb, led the project.

The banners will soon be displayed near the Rare Books Room on the first floor of the Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library.  Please find them to learn more about the history behind the Creighton sisters and up and coming digital humanities technology!


Some University Archives folks at the luncheon
(photo courtesy of Phil Beagle)

 We would like to thank the following for their contributions to the success of this project:

  • The Committee on the Status of Women for encouraging this project and allowing it to premier.
  • Greg Hollins (University Archives) for original photography.
  • Saint John’s Church and Saint Frances Cabrini Church for allowing us to photograph their facilities.
  • Shannon Johnson (UComm) for her help with design of the final posters.
  • Carol McCabe (Magis Productions and University Archives) for assisting in design for the posters.
  • Tara Bantam (UComm) for assisting in proofreading.
  • David Buffington (CU Libraries) for his extensive work on implementing the augmented reality for each panel.
  • Phil Beagle (CU Teaching and Learning Center) for his work in creating the video segments.
  • Brian Tuttle (CU Libraries), Kathy Craig (RadLab) and Chad Brocker (RadLab), for consultation on emerging technologies and design for the posters.
  • Rose Fredrick (CU Libraries) for assisting with the AR component.
  • Creighton Print and Post for their assistance and for printing the final product.

– E.N.


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