Happy 150th Birthday, Nebraska!


If you didn’t already know (or figure it out from the header), 2017 marks 150 years since Nebraska was made a state!  To celebrate along with others in our state, Creighton’s University Archives is presenting an exhibit of artifacts from our permanent collections that highlight important parts of Nebraska’s early history.  We are very pleased that “Celebrating Nebraska’s 150th” has been approved as an Official Event of the Nebraska Sesquicentennial by the Nebraska Statehood 150 group! The exhibit has been up for a few months, but we are going to be changing out featured items soon.

Our archivist’s favorite piece is a plaque given to Creighton University by Western Union in 1961 to commemorate the centennial of the first transcontinental telegraph in the U.S.  Edward Creighton surveyed a significant portion of the route used, and his crews constructed a large stretch of the line heading west from Omaha.  The cool part is that the plaque has a piece of the original telegraph wire from 1861.

We also feature an 1871 map of Nebraska, which depicts the various counties and cities of Nebraska at the time as well as railroad lines going through the state.


Finally (and my favorite artifact): A Nebraska land grant for Edward Creighton, signed by President Abraham Lincoln himself. We have a few grants of this nature signed by other presidents as well, such as James Buchanan and Ulysses Grant.


Next week we will be switching out these items, so come see them before it’s too late! The exhibit itself will be on display until the end of 2017, and we hope to rotate out more pieces by then.

(The photos here are not the best, I know.  I took them with my phone through the glass of the display case.  Come see them for yourself to see how neat they really are.)



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