Happy International Women’s Day!


An invitation for you to share your stories:

Creighton is an institution that has benefited enormously from the contributions of women.  One of our founders, Mary Lucretia Creighton, left the money that started our school; and her sister, Sarah Emily Creighton, was the catalyst for the construction of St. John’s Church (still at the heart of campus), early building expansions, and a new hospital – which led to the birth of Creighton’s medical college.

Several important stories are not as well known, and many of these have not been collected in the University Archives or elsewhere.  I invite you to share your story about women at Creighton.  Perhaps it is a story about a personal interaction with Mrs. Hamilton, or the role a female professor played in your life, or an accomplishment by a student, or . . . .  You get the idea.

We want to collect these important pieces of our institutional heritage.  I know they will be appreciated by individuals who want to know more about what life at Creighton was really like over the years.  You can write the story in the “Leave a comment” section for this post; or you can email it to archives@creighton.edu with the subject line “Women at CU.”  We’ll review them here and share some selections with Creighton’s Attic readers.  Let us know if it is okay to use your name if we post the story.

I look forward to reading what you send.


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