Couple more pictures worth 1,000 words each

Last year during Women’s History Month, I shared one of our favorite photos in a post entitled “A picture that’s worth at least 1,000 words.”  To us, it seems like a short story waiting to be written.  (If you didn’t see it last year, . . .  why not?)

Here are a couple more in that same vein.

2012_01_17_00678CROPPEDThis 1920s-era basketball team likely was from one of the nursing schools affiliated with Creighton.  The uniforms are a treat, right down to the shoes.  When I show this photo, people usually comment on the way the woman in the front row shows off attitude – the look, the stance, the belt, even the daring way she ties her bow.

1111_1939_1810_0053CROPPEDI wonder what stories this late 1930s photo might inspire?  Those interested in fashion may notice the hats and fur coats.  (They might also notice the woman in the center who is wearing a carrot on her dress.  This woman, in the same dress with the same carrot, appeared in the photo from the post “I’ve never understood fashion” in 2013.)  Some interesting facial expressions here, too.

If either of these photos inspire a great piece of literature, please let us know.

We normally post to Creighton’s Attic at the end of the week, but we will be closed the end of next week for Good Friday.  Truth be told, I’m taking Thursday as a vacation day, too.  Rather than skip, though, we have decided to post on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  To give you a hint of what to expect, we will paraphrase an old wedding rhyme.  We’ll have

Something borrowed,
Something Creighton blue,
And big announcement about

Something new.

(The topics of the posts won’t necessarily follow that order.)


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