Time for midterms!

Next week will be midterms at Creighton, which means our undergrads will be studying hard to prepare for exams.  (Alumni, you can say a prayer of thanks that you don’t have to take midterms anymore.)  To inspire our current students, we offer some images of the studious from Creighton’s past.


Nursing student studying 1937-1938 170013late 1930s




Student In Library, RAL31980s

Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library (which will be open round-the-clock from Sunday into Friday) is a favorite study location for many.  When the library turned 50 in 2011, the University Archives created an exhibit that included a few other images of students hitting the books.  An online version of the exhibit is available in the Digital Galleries section of our website.

Leave a comment to let us know your favorite study spots or to share some good midterm stories.



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