Ron Hansen

You may already have heard that Ron Hansen, a successful writer and alumnus, will be on the Creighton campus on Monday, October 7, to read from his book, She Loves Me Not.  The event starts at 7:30pm and will be held in the Harper Center’s Hixson-Lied Auditorium.  (Click here for more information.)

What you may not have heard is that the Ron Hansen Papers are housed in the University Archives.  The collection includes Mr. Hansen’s writings at various stages (including a notebook of ideas used for some of his earlier novels, manuscripts at various stages, published pieces, book jackets, etc.).

FOTB2DCThe photo above shows a manuscript for his book Desperadoes in front of the book in Hebrew (left) and Finnish (center) – plus a Japanese translation of his Mariette in Ecstacy (right).

FOTF24BAs a student, Ron Hansen contributed writings and illustrations (shown here) for the university’s Shadows.

FOT517EOther parts of the collection include correspondence with family and colleagues, and personal items such as his high school class ring and his college fraternity pin.

Archives staff is processing the collection so that researchers can make use of it, but it will be a while before we are done.


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