Memorial Day

Creighton joins with others this holiday weekend to remember men and women who died during military service.  Among those from the Creighton community who have given their lives serving our nation, John J. Parle (Class of 1942) stands out as the only Bluejay to have received the Congressional Medal of Honor.  (Creighton’s Military Science and Army ROTC building is named after him.)

Parle Medal of Honor ceremony

Ensign John J. Parle, USN, died as a result of injuries suffered during the Allied invasion of Sicily in July 1943.  A fire on a boat carrying explosives threatened to alert the enemy to the large landing force approaching the beach under cover of darkness.  Parle singlehandedly battled the fire, but exposure to smoke and fumes caused his death a week later.  His sacrifice saved countless lives while enabling the success of the mission.  Above is a photograph from the Mass at which Parle’s parents accepted the Medal of Honor on his behalf.  You can read his presidential citation here.  [EDIT (Nov 2017): If the previous link doesn't work, the citation also appears on the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation website.]

During the Second World War, parents and family members published the Bluejay Service News to provide information, gathered from letters to family and friends as well as to the editors of the newsletter, about those in uniform. We are pleased to announce that we have digitized all issues of the Bluejay Service News and made them available for your viewing here.


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