Student, Teacher, President

Creighton is celebrating our new president, Rev. Daniel S. Hendrickson, S.J., this week.  A Missioning Mass was held yesterday (Thursday, October 1) at St. John’s Church, and an Installation Ceremony will occur this afternoon at the D. J. Sokol Arena in the Ryan Athletic Center.

If you follow us on Twitter, you saw Lexie’s photo of the church ready for yesterday’s Mass.

MissionMass01Oct2015We posted to show the Saint John’s Bible, which we transported from the Rare Books Room for the Mass.  The beautiful altar cloth, created for the liturgy by Creighton’s own Maureen Beat, features a kingfisher and a dragonfly in keeping with the inaugural theme “As Kingfishers Catch Fire.”  (The theme comes from a Gerard Manley Hopkins poem.)

It has been mentioned a few times this week that Fr. Hendrickson has been at Creighton before.  He first came to Creighton to study for a short period in the mid-1990s, then returned in the early 2000s to teach.  If you want to see how he looked in those days, check out the 1997 Bluejay for a picture of him as a student (bottom left, in costume); and to see him as teacher, see the 2001 (bottom, right page) and 2002 (center, right page) yearbooks to see him as a teacher.


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Hint #2

With all of the excitement surrounding the Missioning Mass yesterday for Creighton’s new president, Rev. Daniel Hendrickson, S.J., I forgot to post the second hint for the questions asked last Friday.  (The first hint was posted Tuesday.)

This hint gives away the answer to Question #2, and it contains the information you need for Question #1.  Take a look at this article by Fr. William Rigge, S.J., which is one of a handful of Fr. Rigge writings we’ve made available online.
The_Observatory_page4This photo from page 4 of the article shows the piece mounted to the wall (left edge of image).  The information about the piece appears a couple pages later.

You can have the weekend to answer the questions.

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Hint #1

On Friday we posted a couple images and asked you a few questions about this item.  No one has guessed correctly yet so, as promised, here’s a little hint.

dome, fixed stepHere is the item where I found it several years ago.  If you can recognize the setting, you’ll be able to answer Question #2 – and that may help you figure out which sources can provide answers for Questions #1.

I’ll offer one more hint on Thursday, if you need it.  Good luck!

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Do you know what this is?

Another guessing game for you, this time about an artifact in our collection.  Here it is from slightly different angles.


_MG_45611. What is it?  Or at least, describe its purpose or use.

2. Where was its home/where was it used (before it came to the University Archives)?

I’ll give a couple extra clues sometime next week, if they are needed.  I’ll announce winner(s) next Friday.

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The White and the Blue

It’s Homecoming and Family Weekend at Creighton, so past and current students – and their families – are on campus.  Seems like a good time for the school song, “The White and the Blue.”

This version was taken from a 78rpm record included in the 1954 Bluejay yearbook.  The song was recorded when Vaughn Monroe’s Camel Caravan radio show traveled to Omaha to broadcast from the auditorium on Creighton’s campus.  (Creighton’s Attic featured Side B of the record in May 2013.)

Thanks to Creighton alum William Monahan for loaning us a better quality record for us to digitize.

Ahoy, mateys!  Tomorrow – Saturday, September 19 – is the annual International Talk Like a Pirate Day.  We here in the University Arrr-chives be celebrating the day, like we did last year, by allowing you to search our online Historical Photos in Pirate English! This year, ye can search that way all weekend.  (And, as ye were warned last year:  Any of ye scurvy knaves who uses the menu on the top-right to switch back to real English will walk the plank.)

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Remembering 9/11

Fourteen years ago,
911Mass4the Creighton community responded in prayer,
911Mass3joining together in front of St. John’s Church.

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Heritage Edition of the Saint John’s Bible

Our non-archival post* for September announces a very special addition to the Rare Books Room at Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library.  You may have seen Fr. Hendrickson’s August message that announced the generous loan by Michael J. and Nancy McCarthy of a Heritage Edition of the Saint John’s Bible to Creighton.

3E6A2090The seven-volume Bible arrived on campus last month, along with a beautiful display case handcrafted by the St. John’s Abbey woodworkers.  While the volumes will be used around campus, the Rare Books Room will serve as home base for the Bible.  This video shows a little more of the Heritage Edition coming to the Rare Books Room; and we will share much more information in the near future.

The Bible will receive an official welcome to campus with a blessing during the Mass of the Holy Spirit tomorrow (Wednesday, September 9) at 11am at Creighton’s St. John’s Church.  You are invited to join the Creighton community as we celebrate the Mass, which itself is an important university tradition.  (Wear red.)

In the afternoon, from 1pm to 4pm, we will hold an open house of sorts in the Rare Books Room to allow the public to see the Heritage Edition.  For many of you, this will be the first chance to see some of the changes we’ve made to the room.  For some, this will be your first time to see the room at all.

* As mentioned recently, we have decided to dedicate a post each month to either the Rare Books or Special Collections sides of our department.

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Institute of Industrial Relations

Creighton students get a break from classes on Monday.  In honor of Labor Day, we look back at Creighton’s Institute of Industrial Relations.

1111.0114.4045.0112January 1945 saw the start of the Institute of Industrial Relations at Creighton headed by Fr. Henry Linn, SJ.  (Yes, this is the same Henry Linn, SJ, who later served as university president.)  In a December 1944 Creightonian article, Father Linn stated that the purpose of the institute was “to put management and labor into a position where they can meet present-day demands for an intelligent and reasonable approach to the solution of employer-employee problems.”  Creighton offered classes – a Labor School – for workers, and special Employers’ Conferences for managers.  Austin E. Miller, SJ, (that’s him at the chalkboard above) succeeded Father Linn as head of the institute.

460067 in 1949Father Miller speaks to institute participants in 1949.

1111_0114_1045_0265 in 1955Class participants discuss a railway issue with Father Miller in 1955.

1111_0114_1045_0262 in 1955Also in 1955, attendees present some of their findings in a pie chart.

We’d like to know more about the Institute of Industrial Relations, so please send us any information or materials you may have.


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Welcome back, students!

There is an excitement on campus this week with the return of students for the Fall 2015 semester.  Over the past several days, I’ve watched students lug computers, televisions, and all sorts of items into the residence halls.

Kiewit Hall1960sThat’s a far cry from the days when students arrived with a few boxes, some suitcases and a typewriter, like this young lady at Kiewit Hall in the 1960s.  For those wondering how I know she brought a typewriter, that dark thing with a handle (bottom left) is a typewriter case.

Out of curiosity, how many of you have never used, or even seen, a typewriter?

Congratulations to Kenny, the only person to get all answers correct to our Guessing Game questions from August 19.
1111_1925_1810_0004The photo shows St. John’s Hall, which was located on the southwest corner of 25th and California.  The person taking the photo was standing on the north side of California, probably close to the southeast corner of St. John’s Church, looking south down 25th Street.

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Hau’oli la Hanau, Hawaii

On this date 56 years ago, Hawaii officially became the 50th state.  Hau’oli la Hanau (Happy Birthday)!

We discussed Creighton’s special relationship with Hawaii earlier this year.


Today, let’s celebrate by remembering Anita Lee, who (I think) was the first Hawaiian elected as Creighton’s Homecoming Queen back in 1952.  Lee, from Honolulu, was a senior Pharmacy student at the time of her reign.


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