Happy International Women’s Day!

An invitation for you to share your stories:

Creighton is an institution that has benefited enormously from the contributions of women.  One of our founders, Mary Lucretia Creighton, left the money that started our school; and her sister, Sarah Emily Creighton, was the catalyst for the construction of St. John’s Church (still at the heart of campus), early building expansions, and a new hospital – which led to the birth of Creighton’s medical college.

Several important stories are not as well known, and many of these have not been collected in the University Archives or elsewhere.  I invite you to share your story about women at Creighton.  Perhaps it is a story about a personal interaction with Mrs. Hamilton, or the role a female professor played in your life, or an accomplishment by a student, or . . . .  You get the idea.

We want to collect these important pieces of our institutional heritage.  I know they will be appreciated by individuals who want to know more about what life at Creighton was really like over the years.  You can write the story in the “Leave a comment” section for this post; or you can email it to archives@creighton.edu with the subject line “Women at CU.”  We’ll review them here and share some selections with Creighton’s Attic readers.  Let us know if it is okay to use your name if we post the story.

I look forward to reading what you send.


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Unveiling the Founders’ Portraits

In celebration of Founder’s Week, we at the Archives had the opportunity to unveil two newly restored portraits of the Wareham sisters, two of Creighton’s founders. While the portrait of Mary Lucretia Creighton had previously hung in the Rare Books Room with a portrait of her husband, Edward Creighton, Sarah Emily Creighton’s was found in storage. The find prompted us to look into having the Creighton women’s portraits restored, with great success. Thanks to Katie and Mark Wadas-Thalken for the restoration of the Sarah Emily portrait. More thanks to Katie for reaching out to the Committee on the Status of Women, whom we thank for funding the restoration of the Mary Lucretia portrait.


From left: Edward, Mary Lucretia, John and Sarah Emily

In addition to the three portraits mentioned already, a portrait of John A. Creighton has been added to the Rare Books Room. The four portraits can be seen during our open hours, found on the Creighton Archives website.
Thanks to Cat for this blog post.

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So Long, It’s Been Good to Know Ya* (part 1)

Some more What We Did Last Summer posts will be coming shortly, but we decided that this entry was more appropriate for today.  The vice presidential debate between Tim Kaine and Mike Pence reminds us – and many political commentators and writers – of the Bentsen-Quayle vice presidential debate held in Omaha in 1988.  Google “Bentsen Quayle” and you’ll find links to Sen. Bentsen’s memorable line. (Heck, I did it for you and found a good YouTube clip.  One of our outstanding Archives students, Cat, found the entire transcript.)

The site of that debate was the Civic Auditorium, which many of you know is being demolished.  I went out over lunch today and took a few pictures of the destruction in grey, rainy weather.
WP_20161004_004WP_20161004_005WP_20161004_007The top two views are from the north, and the bottom one is seen from across the street from where the main (south) entrance used to be.

I suspect some of you may have been at Creighton at that time and maybe were at the debate.  Please share your memories with us.
* The chorus to this Woody Guthrie song seems fitting somehow.

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What We Did Last Summer (part 1)

We are back* for the new academic year after a very busy summer.  A lot of things happened in all three of our areas: University Archives, Rare Books and Special Collections.  One of the most significant is the creation of an internship position for a graduate student who will focus on the Heritage Edition of The Saint John’s Bible that is based in the Rare Books Room while on loan to Creighton University.  Deep and profound thanks go to Dr. Eileen Burke-Sullivan – whose many positions at Creighton include holding the Barbara Reardon Heaney Chair in Pastoral Liturgical Theology – and Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library, whose combined support make the internship possible.

Lexie2IMG_4512A familiar face holds the new post.  Lexie Kafka worked in our department as an student worker until she graduated last May, and she is now our first graduate intern.  With Lexie on board in this new role, we will be able to increase the opportunities for people to interact with the beautiful sacred art and text of the Heritage Edition.  One way we will do this is with the addition of viewing hours on Sundays from 11:00am to 3:00pm.  We hope this time will accommodate area churchgoers who are not able to make it to campus to see the Bible during our weekday hours.

LexieBaccMassIMG_4509Lexie is already very knowledgeable about The Saint John’s Bible and the Heritage Program, as people who saw her with the Bible at the 2016 Baccalaureate Mass can attest.  We are very lucky to have her with us.

If you are planning a trip to see the Bible, here are a few things you might want to know:*A section of our website highlights the Heritage Edition while it is at Creighton, and it tells each week’s featured illumination – that is, the one on display in the Rare Books Room.  DisplayedLukeAnthologyLexie considered the 15th anniversary of 9/11 when she selected this week’s illumination.

* We take the Heritage Edition to special Creighton events, but the easiest way to see the seven-volume set is to visit the Rare Books Room of Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library  Directions can be found in the Locations section of our Contact Information webpage.

* Our standard hours for the semester will be Sunday, 11am-3pm; Monday-Wednesday, 11am-2pm; and Thursday-Friday, 2:30pm-4:30pm.  Lexie will be there most Sundays through Wednesdays, and Arnette Payne will be on hand Thursdays and Fridays.  You may want to check the website for current hours, though, since these hours are subject to change for holidays, class visits, programs and other events that may limit access.  We also hope to add some hours as the semester unfolds.

Come see us!
* Apologies to those who missed reading our posts over the summer.  It turns out that Creighton’s Attic took a longer vacation than planned.

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Apologies for the lack of entries recently.  The end of semester rushed by faster than usual this year, and Creighton’s Attic was neglected a bit.  Hope to remedy that starting next week, when we will try to catch up on some of the many things going on in the University Archives.  Until then, have a peaceful and joyous weekend!

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Carlson Fable Collection

I’ve been a little slow getting around to it, but we have finally have our first featured Special Collection, the Carlson Fable Collection, up on the website.  Gregory Carlson, S.J., began collecting fables-related materials in the mid-1970’s, and the collection has grown to include over 8,000 books and 4,000 objects in at least 57 different languages.  You can learn more about the Carlson Fable Collection on our website.

2015_12_10_9999_25-resizedAn illustration of Town Mouse and Country Mouse

Father Carlson has really done a wonderful job pulling together old and new materials to build this collection.  If you haven’t had a chance to see it, you should.  The good news is that the Rare Books Room currently has a selection of the Carlson Fable Collection on display for the next couple/few weeks (end of display still to be determined).  One of my favorite items is a pre-WWII book from France that used Hitler’s face in unflattering ways, which is why the Germans burned copies after occupying France.

The display is open during the Rare Books Room regular viewing hours.  Current hours are posted on our website (left column).  Come and see a sample of Father Carlson’s amazing collection!


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Favorite image time

It’s been a while since we did a favorite photo, so this week we bring you Gumby* and cheerleader Tina Otterstedt at Homecoming in the 1980s.
#33 - gumby cheer1985Thank you, online Creighton yearbooks, for letting us know who, when and why this photo exists.
*Remember when Eddie Murphy played Gumby on SNL back in the 1980s?  None of my students do, either.

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Registration Panic

Registration started yesterday, as all the undergraduate students know. It may be a struggle waiting for your registration time to start and watching your classes slowly fill up, but imagine having to register in the Old Gym like they did in the 1950′s and 60′s:

1959 Registration Old Gym 1111.1959

Of course, back in the day, registration was a much more social event. In fact, in the 1965 registration line,


a sophomore and a freshman could meet accidentally. Which is exactly what happened for one Creighton couple, who found themselves married in the end!

You can see some more photos from the 1965 registration in the yearbook.

(Creighton yearbooks as far back as 1927 and up to 2011 are digitized and available for viewing via our Creighton Yearbooks page, linked to the side.)
Thanks to Cat for this week’s entry.

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Happy Easter!

For those interested in the Heritage Edition of The Saint John’s Bible, currently on loan to Creighton and based in our Rare Books Room, illuminations will be on display at St. John’s Church here on campus for Masses and services on Holy Thursday through Easter Sunday.  A schedule can be found here.

Just in time for Easter
We also have created a webpage about the Heritage Edition while it is at Creighton (screenshot below).
ScreenCaptureThe page will alert you to special events (upper right) as well as the current illumination displayed in the Rare Books Room (center).  The timeline at the bottom will highlight past events, sometimes with links to other photos or videos.  (Thanks to Cat for her great work building the timeline.)   We also link to a brief introduction about The Saint John’s Bible project and the Heritage Edition program.

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Spring cleaning

With the official first day of Spring not too far away, we wanted to tidy up a couple of things in the Attic.

First, we overlooked what is supposed to be a Creighton’s Attic tradition of posting a certain image every time we change our clocks related to daylight savings time.
ClockHandsThe photo shows when hands were finally added to the St. John’s Church clock in 1977, almost 90 years after originally intended.  Beth, a former worker, suggested this tradition back in 2013.  (Hopefully no one forgot to change their clocks because we neglected to post the picture in time.)

Second, here is the answer to the quiz we posted a couple weeks ago.1111.0113.4045.0087The photo shows Creighton football great Johnny “Slingshot” Knolla trying unsuccessfully to sleep on a train as he traveled with the team for an away football game circa 1940.  (No one answered correctly this time around.)

Third, I encourage you to take a look at the Art & Liturgy blog of (former University Archives person) Patrick Murray.  He is doing something really neat right now to coincide with NCAA’s March Madness.  Patrick’s Church Madness matches churches across the country so that we can vote on which we like best.  He has his Midwest Regional and East Regional brackets up, so start voting!

FlowersFlowers have been poking out of the ground in the metro area for over a week now.  There is a chance of snow this weekend.  Earlier this week, I saw a student in shorts and t-shirt walking in conversation with another student wearing a winter coat and gloves.  In other words, situation normal.
Marie, a current intern, wants me to include a pun in this week’s post.  I refused.  You can post your thanks in the Comments section.

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