Freshman Roomies

Freshman year. It’s that time to discover likes and dislikes, to find that career path and stick to it, to make friends that you’ll keep for a lifetime, to explore new found freedom, to define who you are as a person. It’s hard. I’ll be honest. There are a lot of obstacles that we have to overcome not only in our first year of college, but throughout the rest of life. This first year of college is just the first year we get to do these on our own without our parents by our side all the time. It’s a challenge, but so very worth it.

It’s hard going to a new school away from home, living with a person you just met via email or Facebook, and managing time for fun, friends, and studying. I’ll be the first to admit, all of these were my obstacles freshman year, but I overcame them. And I want you to know that you can too.

So for all of you with some roomie problems, listen up. Advice #1: communicate. As much as you don’t like confronting your roomie about a problem, you need to do it, she can’t read your mind. Talking things through on your own is better than getting outside parties involved. If needed, you can ask your RA to mediate the discussion you two have, but it’s best if you can just work it out together. Advice #2: compromise. The room is not solely yours or hers. You two need to compromise on things such as studying habits, friends, and other time spent in the room. This is a great time to practice that communication we talked about earlier. Advice #3: it’s okay not to be best friends. Just because you two are roomies doesn’t mean you have to be best friends or have the same group of friends. That’s great if you do, but there’s no need to worry if the only time you see your roomie is in the room or hall. And finally, Advice #4: be patient. Each roomie situation is unique. People have different personalities, attitudes, habits, and so forth. So again, there’s not need to worry about you and your roomie clicking as quickly or not as your other friends and their roomies. Just as we are all unique and individual people, so is the relationship that you will have with your roomie. Remember that friendships take time, that living with someone new takes times, and that you can resolve problems that come in between the two of you. It’s only a matter of time, communication, and compromise.


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