Ruined for Life

I am ruined for life. I never realized I could feel so much love in so little time. I never realized I could be part of a family in so little time. I never realized how happy I could be outside of the comforts of the United States. I am ruined for life. But in a very good way. In a way that I can look at my own life and see where improvements can be made, where I can integrate the love and lessons I learned during my 10 day campo immersion: improve relationships with friends and family; fully giving myself to the task at hand, the person in front of me and the moment of now; fully letting people in; be fully present; laughing everyday; enjoying the company; loving unconditionally. I am ruined for life because of the ten days in campo. I am not who I was when I first stepped off the bus in Los Conocones and for that I am grateful. I have grown in ways that I can’t really explain, but that will affect my future. Ways in which I will be able to see God in each person more clearly, to love like Him, serve like Him, and be a friend like Him. It is because of my family, my time spent, my conversations, the love and community of Los Conocones that I am ruined for life.


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