Plans Change

September 10, 2012

Plans change. I am learning to accept the truth of that statement. Today at Caritas our plan was to teach the children the colors in English with a review of what they are in Spanish. We had paper with the colors on them and two boxes for writing the colors, one in English and one in Spanish. We planned on saying the colors in Spanish, having them repeat it, then have them repeat the color in English and then write the colors. Plans change. The repetition of the colors wasn’t the problem. Anyone can listen and repeat. Spelling, that’s another story. I found it very heartbreaking that these children, ages seven to eleven(give or take a few years) don’t even know the Spanish alphabet. And the concept of putting letters together to make a word, forget it. So teaching English when the children don’t even understand Spanish…..Plans change. Teaching English isn’t the priority anymore. Right now I am the Spanish teacher. I have to find a way to teach the most important part of the language to these children. You can’t get by in a language without knowing the basics: the alphabet, the sounds of the letters, the concept of putting them together to form words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs…Education. This is their way out of poverty. This is their one shot to have a different life. I feel challenged and blessed to take on this project. It hurts my heart that they aren’t receiving this basic education in the schools. But plans change. I am now a Spanish teacher. And teach Spanish I will.


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