Serving my neighbor: Day 1

August 28, 2012

Hugs. Smiles. Laughs. Songs. Love. That is Caritas Cien Fuegos. A short two hours there and I already felt like a part of their family. I had children surrounding me the entire time, their smiles and laughs as our major way of communicating. Kaitiana, a precious three year old, didn’t let go of my hand-she wouldn’t leave my side. Like so many of the children there, she just wanted to be close to me, to have someone to hold on to. Already they have given me so much. “Their abundance supply my lack”-2 Corinthians 8:7-15. Just like this reading says, with my service I am giving of myself to others and allow them to give back. I am by no means greater than these children at Caritas. I am for and with them and I plan to give them what I have but I also know from past experiences that I will receive what I lack. And there is no better feeling than this; to have the opportunity to be humbled, blessed, and appreciated by those I’m serving and to receive what they have to offer. I am truly excited to see what God has in store for me at Caritas this semester. Every Monday I will teach the children English-numbers, days of the week, letters, animals, basic phrases, etc. and every Wednesday we will have crafts and game time. All and any suggestions are welcome, but I don’t think I’ll have a problem having fun with these children. Today we played “pato-pato-ganso” (duck duck goose) and laughed about “Los Americanos” (aka Elizabeth and me) not fully understanding Spanish. I’m up for the challenge of keeping them focused and entertained but I am so ready to love them with all my heart and continue to receive their love like I have today.


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