A new year, next steps

Is it really January?  I mean, Christmas is really over?  Hard to believe, but yet here we are.  Do you have your application completed?  I should really stop typing questions and offer a few answers.

First thing is first, and that’s the quickly approaching January 7th deadline.  That’s the priority deadline for scholarships.  If you’ve been accepted, then you’ve received some great news – and many have shared their moment with us – check out the Capture the moment site here

Next, if you have been accepted, start considering the supplemental scholarships and special programs, which are due on February 1.  Now that it is beyond January 1, families can start working on the FAFSA, as well as looking forward to our admitted student days.

Myself – I am busy reading appllications – I have my second Master’s classes starting in a few weeks (football finished with a state runner-up in an all Millard final, not too bad for a school district!)  My kids had a glorious Christmas, we all had a great time with family.  Now that the school year is back up and runnning, it’s back to regular schedules – hope you’re coping as well as we are!

Did I mention the basketball teams are doing great?  Go Jays!


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