So what’s next

So now what?  You’ve been accepted and it’s coming down to the tough decisions.  Many have financial aid packages…many more are on the way.  Here’s my prognosis: Don’t look at financial aid as the end all of the process, or the guiding star on the compass.  You see, money should be the W and E on the compass – in navigation it’s West and East….for financial aid, it’s “Worry” and “Excitement.”  Worry and Excitement, much like financial aid packages, can help provide balance – a horizon – in the college search process.  One day you’re really pumped about scholarships, the next day you’re worried about the cost – Worry, and Excitement.

So what’s the way North?  “N” in this case stands for “natural,” in otherwords, what is the natural fit for you.  The institution has to be second Nature to you – because it will be a part of you – you only have one alma mater and it should be a place you’ll be proud to call home!

So you’ve received the package – what’s next?  CALL ME if you have any questions whatsoever.  What I will help you do is assist in figuring out how to manage the rest of the expense.  Creighton will offer everything it can in the financial aid package, as well as ensure the quality education you will receive once here.  What I can help counsel you through, is the other resources available, the MET plan for interest free payments, the alternative loans, the parent plus loans, even strategies each month to assist each family (not to mention new ways to look at summer employment).

When you’re accepted at Creighton, you become a part of our family – and that invitation was extended because we already know you’ll be a great fit here.  Allow us to have those conversations, and to see if your values will find their way to Omaha.

p.s.  The snow is melting – and we can’t wait for the 50 degree weather next week!


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